Black Hole and Time: What Science Says About

Science Insights, 27 June 2016
Volume 2016
Doi: 10.15354/si.16.ar365
Black Hole and Time: What Science Says About
Claudio Emiah, PhD;* Michael H. Fisher, PhD*,
Author Affiliations
*: Division of Physics, The BASE, Chapel Hill, NC 27510, USA
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Most thoughts about the beginning of the Universe say that it happened about 15 billion years ago. An explosion known as the Big Bang was at its origin and due to this all the matter in the Universe, including space and even time, itself, were all together released during this event. Afterwards, it is said that hundreds of millions of years followed before matter could start collecting into clouds so vast that under their own weight, they would coalesce and collapse, into the first stars. The first stars being too hot, huge and powerful they unfortunately were enormous consumers in terms of material quantities. They could therefore only shine for a few hundred million years before dying. Today our Sun is said to have been shining for over four and a half billion years in comparison to the first stars. With the death of the first powerful stars an explosion that followed propelled off material that became incorporated into the next generation of suns. However due to their enormous masses, their cores continued to shrink until they formed gigantic black holes which were billion times more massive than our Sun. Over the past decade researchers realized that at least one black hole is present in the center of most galaxies. Scientists having previously measured the light coming from distant exploding stars tried to demonstrate that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. They used the assumptions that as the universe ages these supernovae are also spreading out fast. They also assumed that driving the galaxies apart, are a kind of anti-gravitational force and they named this unidentified force “dark energy”. Ideologies that time itself could cease to be in billions of years still exist till present day arguing that when it happens everything will come to a halt, an alternative explanation for “dark energy”, the mysterious anti-gravitational force that has been suggested by scientists since no one has yet found any evidence or proof of dark energy.

KeywordsBlack hole; Time; Universe; Future; Life; Materials