Best Evidence in Chinese Education (BECE) is published under the auspices of the Best Evidence in Brief (BEiB) to provide authoritative, critical surveys on the current status of subjects and problems in the diverse fields in Chinese education. BECE only accepts high-quality manuscripts that have been reviewed and approved by our worldwide distinguished expert editors or have been released on the BEiB website. BECE publishes five types of manuscript: Editorial, Newsletter, Original Article, Article, and Review. Editorial is an invited perspective written by our editors. Newsletter and Article should be the English version of the original Chinese version, and they should be solicited and cutting-edge in contents in corresponding research fields. The BEiB editors should recommend them. Original Articles should include original data without publication ever. Review articles only can be considered after the invitation by our expert editors beforehand.

The articles included in this issue mainly focus on: (1) The impact of elementary and middle school teachers’ salary levels on students’ participation in extracurricular tutoring. (2) The current status, sources and influencing factors of preschool teachers’ professional pressure in rural China. (3) The status quo, characteristics and countermeasures of elementary school teachers’ verbal violence against students. (4) Large sample survey research during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are important issues in the current reform and development of basic education in China. They are essential for understanding the crux of the problem and further promoting reforms in related fields.




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