Best Evidence in Chinese Education (BECE) is published under the auspices of the Best Evidence in Brief (BEiB) to provide authoritative, critical surveys on the current status of subjects and problems in the diverse fields in Chinese education. BECE only accepts high-quality manuscripts that have been reviewed and approved by our worldwide distinguished expert editors or have been released on the BEiB website. BECE publishes five types of manuscript: Editorial, Newsletter, Original Article, Article, and Review. Editorial is an invited perspective written by our editors. Newsletter and Article should be the English version of the original Chinese version, and they should be solicited and cutting-edge in contents in corresponding research fields and should be recommended by the BEiB editors. Original Articles should include original data without publication ever. Review articles only can be considered after the invitation by our expert editors beforehand.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools have been forced to suspend classes. Our editorial experts also conducted research on their own national education under the COVID-19 pandemic from an international perspective and wrote special articles for the journal. Although the journal is dedicated to empirical studies in China, when countries around the world face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to education, we need to learn from each other’s successful experience and jointly solve the problems we face.