Jonathan Haslam

Jonathan Haslam (The University of York, UK)

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Jonathan Haslam is the Director at the Institute for Effective Education. His work is in the area of research dissemination and engagement. He is the editor of Best Evidence in Brief, the IEE’s e-newsletter published each fortnight, which goes to nearly 15,000 subscribers around the world. He is also the editor of Better: Evidence-based Education, the IEE’s magazine, which aims to get education research into the hands of the people who need it, particularly teachers, educational leaders, and policy makers. In addition he has edited two books, Proven Programs in Education: Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) and Proven Programs in Education: Classroom Management and Assessment, based on the contents of Better. He has co-written A Book For Governors: Understanding Schools, and Governing Effectively, the IEE’s book to help new governors understand schools. Jonathan is the IEE’s lead on the Literacy Octopus and Evidence for the Frontline projects, and for the secretariat of the Coalition for Evidence-based Education. He has also led the development of the Best Evidence Encyclopaedia website, building on the success of its US counterpart.