English-Editing Services

For Non-English Speaking Authors

Science INSIGHTS® only accepts and publishes English-written papers. If you are a non-English speaking author, we recommend you consult some professional editing institutes or tools to make your manuscripts more readable for reviewers and readers. English editing will improve grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and improve clarity and resolve ambiguity, and ensure that the tone of the language is appropriate for a scientific journal.

Sci-Editing Services

Our Linguistic Editors provide professional English language editing with $500 (USD) only for authors whose manuscripts were accepted for publication in the journal of Science INSIGHTS® if the linguistic polishment is really necessary. However, if you need help in English editing before submission, we also provide the editing services with charges. Please see charge rates below:

Service Time Charges/word in USD ($)
15 days 0.50
10 days 0.70
5 days 0.90
1 day 1.20

For this service, please contact our Editorial Office: editorial-office@bonoi.org