Best Evidence in Chinese Education (BECE) is published under the auspices of the Best Evidence in Brief (BEiB) ( to provide authoritative, critical surveys on the current status of subjects and problems in the diverse fields of Chinese education.
       BECE accepts both original articles to the journal and the English version of those published in Chinese. The translated version of articles first must be reviewed and approved by our worldwide distinguished expert editors as well as released on the BEiB website. BECE publishes five types of manuscript: Editorial, Newsletter, Original Article, Article, and Review. Editorial is an invited perspective written by our editors. Original Article must be the first edition of the journal without submissions anywhere else. Newsletter and Article should be the English version of the original Chinese version, and they should be solicited and cutting-edge in contents in corresponding research fields. The Review article needs to be invited by our editors prior to submission.
       All original submissions or selected manuscripts that have appeared on the BEiB website need to be submitted online to the system for being processed further. Also, the following suggestions may serve as a general guide.
       Authors should note that they are writing for an international audience. National colloquialisms and idiomatic use of language should be avoided to the extent possible. Word choices and sentence constructions that might imply bias against persons based on gender, racial or ethnic group membership, disability, sexual orientation, or age should be avoided.
       Manuscripts accepted for publication are subject to copyediting. The online submission indicates the author’s commitment to publish in BECE and gives BECE the rights to translate and/or edit the contents if necessary. No submitted manuscripts are known to be under consideration by other journals.
       The judicious selection of references is an important function of the authors. Cited references should be listed alphabetically according to the author, and the author’s last name and publication year should be used in the text. The full title of each paper should be given. Each citation should be checked with the original publication to avoid embarrassing errors. The system used in the Chemical Abstracts for abbreviations of journal names should be followed.
       The acceptability of a manuscript cannot, of course, be finally decided until the finished product has been examined. The acceptance is contingent upon the Editor-in-Chief's advice and our well-known editors of the BECE, and the external peer reviewers' comments.
       Correspondence relating to editorial matters should be addressed to the editorial office via the online contact form.


Title: Best Evidence in Chinese Education

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