Robert Edward Slavin


In our most loving memory of Professor Robert E. Slavin who passed away on April 25th, 2021. Professor Slavin was the director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education in the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. Professor Slavin was the chief expert of the School of Education at Johns Hopkins University. He led the College of Education and achieved the first place in the National Education College Rankings (2014-2016). Professor Slavin was the top-ten influential scholars in the field of education research in the United States. He has published a number of original studies in the fields such as cooperative learning, comprehensive school reform, ability grouping, school and classroom organization, and evidence-based reform, and has made outstanding contributions to educational research and public service. Professor Slavin paid great attention to the development and reform of Chinese education. During his visit to China in 2018, he signed cooperation with the School of Education of Nanjing Normal University to establish the simplified Chinese version of the education evidence-based research “Best Evidence in Brief” and served as the director of the editorial board. In the form of “newsletter”, it has built a bridge for the exchanges between the world and China in the field of evidence-based research in education. Professor Slavin actively organized a group of scholars from all over the world who are enthusiastic about evidence-based education, and founded the journal Best Evidence in Chinese Education on the basis of “Best Evidence in Brief”. He contributed and organized manuscripts to promote excellent evidence-based research on Chinese education to the world. In 2019, Professor Slavin visited China again and accepted the appointment of Nanjing Normal University as the “Hongguo Visiting Professor”. As a key speaker, he participated in the “Concepts and Actions for Educational Excellence (Special Topics in Educational Evidence-based Research) International Forum” sponsored by Nanjing Normal University, which further promoted the development of evidence-based research in education in China and contributed to the integration of evidence-based research in education in the world.

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Best Evidence in Chinese Education (BECE)
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April 26th, 2021