Published May 31, 2023

Sheng Zhang  


The Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Homework and Off-Campus Training for Compulsory Education Students (also known as the Double Reduction policy) released by the Chinese government in July 2021 stipulate that educational institutions must improve their after-school service to meet varied needs of the students. The purpose of this study is to examine through a questionnaire survey the current status of teacher engagement in the after-school service, the differences in the participation in the service among teachers of distinct professional backgrounds, teachers’ intention of participation and actual involvements in the service.


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Zhang, S. (2023). The Current State of Teacher Participation in After-School Service Under the Double Reduction Policy and Improvement Suggestions: A Survey of 9741 Teachers from 131 Primary and Secondary Schools in Beijing. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 14(1), 1765. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/1044