Published Jul 31, 2023

Huang Qinhui  


Amidst the constant progression of globalization, it is of great significance to cultivate talents with global competence and ample knowledge about international affairs in order for the nation to seize development opportunities and react properly to global challenges. There has been increasing research on the possibility of fostering student global competence in the school setting. Using data of four high-performing countries and regions in the PISA Global Competence Survey 2018, this study analyzed the effects of school and personal factors on student global competence as well as the influence of school factors on the relation between student personal factors and global competence development.




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Qinhui, H. (2023). Global Competence of Students in PISA High-Performing Regions: The Impact of Individual and School Factors. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 14(2), 1775. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/1100