Published Jul 31, 2023

Yongmei Hu  


The analyses of factors in the disparity between urban and rural compulsory education are beneficial for developing a more balanced and high-quality education, improving social mobility of rural youngsters, and halting intergenerational transmission of poverty among rural families. It is well acknowledged that family capital is the most significant contributing factor in the academic performance gap between urban and rural students, outweighing school resources, particularly the quality of teachers. This study is a discourse on the two forms of home-school partnership, namely, the family-school communication and parental voluntary participation in school activities as well as their effects on the academic achievements of urban and rural middle school students.


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Hu, Y. (2023). Effects of Home-school Partnerships on the Academic Performance of Urban and Rural Junior Secondary School Students. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 14(2), 1778–1779. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/1102