Published Mar 26, 2024

Pingfei Zeng  


This article is an empirical study of academic achievement of rural students in X County, based on the analysis of how their senior secondary entrance examination results related to baseline performance (represented by terminal exam results of the first semester in grade 7) and academic progress (represented by student academic growth between grades 7 and 9). The rural schools included in the study were divided into two groups: small-size and medium-large-size schools. Fully investigated were the gaps in student senior secondary entrance examination results and academic progress among rural schools of distinct sizes as well as the impact of school sizes on different student groups.


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Zeng, P. (2024). An Empirical Study of the Relation between Rural School Size and Student Academic Achievement in the Context of Rural Revitalization. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 16(2), 1843–1844. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/1318