Published Sep 22, 2020

Dongdong Wang

Huaibo Wang

Wei Zhang

Hairong Wang

Xiaoping Shen  


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Education of China issued a call for “School is Out, but Class is On”. Various regions responded to and issued relevant policies to use Internet educational resources to carry out teaching activities. In this context, we conducted a network questionnaire survey on district and county education administrators, school administrators, teachers, students, and parents nationwide. It aimed to understand the online teaching situation and the attitudes of different subjects towards online teaching during the “School is Out, but Class is On” period. Based on this, we summarized the problems existing in online teaching during the “School is Out, but Class is On” period and put forward countermeasures to better serve online teaching, to ensure the healthy development of online teaching after the pandemic, and to provide a reference for coordinating national forces to carry out online teaching in response to unforeseen public crises in the future.



COVID-19, “School is Out, but Class is On”, Online Teaching

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Wang, D., Wang, H., Zhang, W., Wang, H., & Shen, X. (2020). Online Teaching During the “School is Out, but Class is On” Period: Based on 33,240 Online Questionnaire Surveys Across China. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 6(1), 753–767. https://doi.org/10.15354/bece.20.ar061