Published Jan 20, 2019

Alan Cheung

Jijun Yao  


IN 2016, the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University, led by Professor Robert Slavin, kicked off an e-newsletter called Best Evidence in Brief (BEiB) which presents the latest empirical studies in education from the world’s top academic journals. Today this effort expands to the UK, Hong Kong, and Spain, including the Institute for Effective in Education of the University of York and the Centre for University and School Partnership Faculty of Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the La Caixa Foundation. Currently the majority of the selected studies in BEiB are from English-speaking countries. In 2018, the International Research Center for Educational Development and Evaluation at Nan- jing Normal University joined the BEiB family to further promote evidence- based reform in education in the Chinese speaking region. One of the main focuses of the BEiB in China is evidence-based research studies published in Chinese educational academic journals since its launched, the Chinese BEiB has been well-received by the Chinese educational communities.
          During the past 40 years, reform and development in China have under- gone earth-shaking changes, including the extensive use of rigorous research methods in research. An increasing number of researchers have applied sophisticated research methods to explore the link between theories and educational reform, and dialectical thinking and scientific thinking. With the exchanges in educational circles from home and abroad, more and more researchers have learned the latest educational methods from Europe and North America. Many young researchers, who have the overseas training, are familiar to those concepts, including research samples, research hypotheses, re- search variables, effect sizes, causal relationships, and related relationships. These are the days that Chinese educational academic journals should pay at-tention to both evidence-based reforms and experimental research results in education. Happily, the proportion of empirical research studies published in Chinese education-related journals is growing.


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