Published Jul 30, 2022

Tao Sun  


Nowadays Chinese women have made considerable progress in their career development. How mothers’ career advancement affects offspring education and gender differences in child education is an important issue in the research on gender equality in education. Based on CGSS2015 data, this study used regression analysis with instrumental variables to investigate the effects of maternal occupation status on child educational attainment and gender differences. The robustness test was subsequently carried out by re-screening the samples and changing the measurement methods of child educational levels. The heterogeneity effect of maternal occupation status on the gender difference in educational attainment was examined according to distinct family social classes and varying educational levels of parents.


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Sun, T. (2022). Maternal Occupation Status, Child Educational Attainment and Gender Differences: An Empirical Study Based on the Data from the Chinese General Social Survey. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 11(2), 1539–1540. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/814