Published May 15, 2020

Longjun Zhou  

Fangmei Li


In order to reduce the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on teaching, online teaching with the goal of “School is Out, but Class is On” was launched throughout China, and had achieved the “School is Out, but Class is On” of more than 200 million people. This special period of education has attracted great attention from Chinese scholars, and has conducted research on the theme of online teaching during the pandemic. Based on the relevant data of CNKI and other foreign open databases, this article reviewed and summarized the relevant researches of COVID-19 pandemic online teaching by survey and analysis. Through the statistical analysis of related research, the current research on online teach-ing mainly focuses on the selection of online teaching platforms and resources, the overview of online teaching organization, the implementation and the evaluation of problems.



COVID-19, School is Out, but Class is On, Chinese Elementary and Middle School, Suspension of Classes without Stopping, Online Teaching

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