Advertising Policies

To be clear, there are no specific reasons why Insights Publisher refuses to accept advertising. Insights Publisher-hosted journal websites are more likely to provide academic-oriented advertising content.

All advertising campaigns must adhere to the following rules:

  • As long as it doesn’t jeopardize our reputation or violate our network’s content, we’ll turn down any advertising that doesn’t fit with our brand or the material we host.
  • Tobacco and alcohol are two examples of things that Insights Publisher does not accept advertising for, and does not support educational campaigns for (e.g. weapons and political propagation).
  • Advertisements and publications supported by commercial interests are not subject to editorial control. To the extent that a journal published by Insights Publisher contains an advertising or sponsored content, Insights Publisher does not support the product or service. Neither commercial or financial interests, nor particular relationships with advertising clients and sponsors, influence editorial content.
  • If the Editor(s) or Insights Publisher request that an advertising be removed from the journal site, it will be removed at any time.
  • There will be no treatment or drug-specific campaigns allowed to be targeted to individual articles or to any page whose content is relevant to the product(s) being marketed on Insights Publisher. If an advertiser places an ad in the same place and at the same time as an article that mentions a certain product, they are not allowed to link to the article. They are also not allowed to reference an article published at the same time as the advertisement.
  • Advertisements cannot be misleading or deceptive, and they must be able to be independently verified. Both the advertiser and the advertised item or service should be clearly identified during commercials. Copy that is too dramatic or floridly phrased will be disallowed. As long as the ads don’t offend anyone, they will be approved. Advertisements that appear to be obscene in either language or artwork will not be accepted.
  • All drug-specific campaigns’ advertising should promote reasonable and correct usage, and it should not be deceptive.
  • There must be a clear distinction between advertising and journalistic material. Sponsored supplements must be identified as such in order for Insights Publisher to publish them. To avoid confusion, it is important to indicate if a supplement was not peer-reviewed or had a different peer-review procedure than the remainder of the journals.
  • Advertising for drug campaigns in the United States must abide by all applicable laws governing advertising. It’s possible to learn about the most recent regulations and best practices on Britannica’s website. When contacting Insights Publisher about their ad, advertisers should have their marketing authorization and a synopsis of the product’s features on hand. The complete generic name of each active component should appear in medicine ads. Adverts for prescription-only medicines should explicitly indicate that they are solely for health care providers on each page.
  • Within two business days of receiving a request, editorial will make a final judgement on whether or not an ad can be placed outside of the Insights Publisher normal advertising locations.
  • There will be no effect of present or future sponsors and advertising on editorial decisions and no influence of marketing decisions on editorial decisions. There is no way for advertisers and sponsors to control or affect the search results that a user may find on the website by keyword or search subject.
  • The advertising page will feature information regarding complaints about advertisements.
  • There are no third-party advertising businesses working with Insights Publisher to deliver adverts and/or gather specific information from the user base.

Complaints Policy for Advertising

The following email address should be used for any advertising complaints: [email protected]. You can also reach out to individual journals by clicking on “Contact Us.”

Policy updated as of February 22nd, 2022