Science Insights is the official journal of The Bonoi Academy of Science and Education (BASE) (pISSN: 2372-8191, eISSN: 2329-5856), which has been being published since 2013 under its sponsorship. Current issue is volume 41, number 4 for the month of September 2022.

Science Insights strives to publish papers that provide unique insights into various aspects of different disciplines. It could be cutting-edge perspectives, novel ideas, up-to-date discussions, or anything you believe you have insights into topic(s) with potential for interest and attraction.

Science Insights considers more than ten article types (see details on Publication Categories). Open access is the only publication format offered by Science Insights, while there is no article processing charge (APC).

Science Insights highly encourages prospective authors to write the following categorical themes in their submissions.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Big Data
  3. Chronic Diseases
  4. Contagious Virus and Vaccination
  5. Drug Development
  6. Environment and Sustainability
  7. Inequality
  8. Mental Health
  9. Modern Education
  10. New Materials
  11. Novel Methods for Cancer Therapy
  12. Poverty and Anti-poverty
  13. Robots and Robotics
  14. Social Crisis
  15. Video Game Addition


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Science Insights