Published Aug 31, 2023

Anubha Pathak  

Sameer Saxena


Database management systems (DBMS) are essential systems of software technologies for multi-level and multi-angled operations with the utmost security. Currently, its form of distributed database, i.e. DDB, is very popular in communication networks. The current write-up is aimed at investigating important security aspects and issues, exploring some major challenges pertinent to the security of DDB, finding solutions to the same, and eventually talking about some future opportunities through promoting research towards curbing these security-related points. To accomplish these tasks, the author has reviewed some of the latest and most pertinent research articles of the last ten years. It comprises the application of DDBMS, major pertinent issues within its range of investigation, and a conclusion.



DDBMS, Security, Encryption, Authentication, Authorization, Multi-Level Access Control

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