Published Aug 15, 2019

Morgan Springer

Fuzhou Wang

Juan H. Jersey  

Donne Will


The academic debate on the study of human and animal embryos has never stopped. Despite the great expectations of scientists, the human-animal embryo hybrid experiment costs a lot and requires high technology as the endorsement, and is highly questioned internationally. Human and animal embryo experiments are contrary to ethics, and the results of cross-species hybrid embryos are unpredictable, or cause zoonotic diseases or human catastrophe. The human and animal parts of the human “chimera” embryo will develop independently, and the DNA of the two will not be mixed. It is still far from being able to use the organs obtained from the mixed embryos of humans and animals to carry out organ transplants to save more lives.



Human-animal Embryo Hybridization, Organ Transplantation, Ethical Debate, Human Future

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