Published Jun 29, 2024

Fuzhou Wang  


Long COVID has been subject to growing examination as researchers and healthcare professionals strive to gain a deeper comprehension of its fundamental mechanisms and consequences. While syndromes often consist of a group of symptoms without a distinct underlying cause, Long COVID seems to be more intricate. Studies indicate that it could affect several organ systems and cause cellular-level harm, prompting specialists to propose that it be categorized as a syndrome rather than simple lingering consequences of the virus. However, further study needs to be conducted for determining whether there are distinctive characteristics that differentiate Long COVID as a distinct clinical entity from other post-viral conditions. Accurate identification of Long COVID will be essential in guiding treatment approaches and delivering appropriate therapy for patients who suffer from persistent symptoms after being infected with COVID-19.



Long COVID, Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2, Diagnostic Criteria

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