Published Sep 29, 2015

Fuzhou Wang  


Marijuana has been being accepted as a medical or recreational drug by states across the United States indicating that this ever debating drug is getting approval by more and more people. Does this mean it is safe for us to accept marijuana as a daily recreational tool? The answer is no! Although substantial evidence suggested that marijuana has a lot of beneficial role in many medical conditions, it does not mean its recreational use is acceptable. If you search the web, you can find a huge pile of files discussing marijuana’s negative effects on people’s life and health, and on society’s safety and stability. Of course, there is also plenty of supporting view on marijuana’s recreational use, of them the standpoint of view is economy. However, for general people, we need balance the benefits and drawbacks before drawing some conclusions. One thing needs to be considered carefully is the domino effect of the legalization of marijuana’s recreational use on the society. However, have we paid enough attention on its potential effect on our daily life, on the social value, and on the society’s future? It is too early to conclude the eventual impact of marijuana on people’s health and on society’s existence if we can take it into consideration in a long-term period of time.



Marijuana, Cannabinoid, Brain, Economy, Legalization, Society

Supporting Agencies

This work is supported by the BASE Basic Investigation Foundation (BASE-BI-14F016).

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