Published Nov 30, 2015

Fuzhou Wang  


Science has been benefiting everyone for so many years in various ways. There are many characteristics of science that have entirely changed the life of a man. There’s no doubt that science has done a lot for us and we now even cannot imagine a day without any invention of science. Science has provided us power resources, medicine, agriculture, and many more. However, there are still various aspects on which science is helpless. Science cannot make moral as well as aesthetic judgments. Science does not provide supernatural clarifications and it also does not tell how to use the existing science knowledge. In the light of all these limitations of science, we can say that science has not conquered the world as there are still many issues that cannot be handled through science. Science has taken us to space but we are still unable to explore it completely.



Science, Nature, Human Being, Future

Supporting Agencies

This work was supported in part by the Reagan Louis Research Foundation (R105BS0100) from The BASE, USA.

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