Published Jun 6, 2014

Fuzhou Wang  


The pace of climate change is matched the science development. We are paying for the climate change when we are enjoying the benefits of science. The impact of the changing climate on the surrounding environments is unequal: some benefit from it, but some suffer from it. Agriculture is the very example for this. In the field of agriculture, weeds and pests are the winners of the increasing carbon dioxide, whereas the food crops failed in this competition. How to deal with these thorny problems rose from the development of science? In fact, agriculture itself also is developing, modified crops against various pests, and increased production of staple food crops. However, the advanced growing of agriculture cannot reverse the decline of nutrients of crops resulted from the climate change. What would be the solution for this problem?



Climate, Carbon Dioxide, Agriculture, Sustainable

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Wang, F. (2014). Pests versus Crops in the Context of Climate Change. Science Insights, 8(2), 205–207. https://doi.org/10.15354/si.14.ed005