Published Sep 9, 2014

Fuzhou Wang  


Before the word “science” was created; people were curious upon the bases of the world and sought the possible explanation of it. That time the things the ancestors encountered were so complex that they could not decipher them in a reasonable way. However, the appearance of so-called science made all these things be changed. Till today, science makes our life change in an unprecedented speed. Facing today’s explosive information, we are filled with curiosity in accompany with knowledge-induced anxiety. When we walk forward more, we found far more things we do not know. In some areas, we have reached an advanced level such as in the field of outer space exploration, but in some others, like earthquake prediction, we are still there where we just started. Even a lot of entities provide us information about the happened earthquakes, whereas no one can tell us when it will be. In fact, it is really hard for science to give us the original answer “Why is it like that?” although we know something about the focused question. The only thing that science can do is justifying the theories using its own ways. It is understandable because science itself was a product of people’s thought, and it needs to be perfected per se.



Science, Knowledge, Limitation, Earthquake, Life

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Wang, F. (2014). Earthquake: Why Can’t We Still Predict It and What Science Can Do?. Science Insights, 9(3), 255–258. https://doi.org/10.15354/si.14.vw015