Published Dec 20, 2013

Fuzhou Wang  

Xiaofeng Shen


High mortality in critically ill patients is a challenge for the intensive care medicine. While different reasons were figured out and corresponding therapeutic protocols were recommended, the actual mortality is still high and it is hard to conquer it and make a big improvement of the overall outcomes. Albumin, the most abundant protein in human blood plasma, plays an essential role in maintaining oncotic pressure, in participating in as an important protein transporter, and in possessing many physiological functions. In the context of critical care medicine, administration of albumin was found benefit patients in increasing their survival rate. However, a more recent study reported that bolus injection of albumin in critically ill pediatric patients increased the mortality. Of this report, we analyzed carefully and commented their methodology in performing the study. Some issues were not that clear, and it is difficult to determine the real effect of albumin administration on the mortality in children. It is a challenge to answer one question precisely and in overall, and we herein raise our concerns on this topic to discuss them with other researchers.



Albumin, Mortality, Pediatrics, Critical Care

Supporting Agencies

This work is supported in part by the following research grants: National Natural Scientific Foundation of China (NSFC) 81271242 and 81371248; Nanjing Municipal Foundation of Medical Science Development ZKX10018; Nanjing Municipal Young Scientist Grant 201208009 and JQX12009.

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