Published Mar 31, 2023

Chengfeng Huang  


As a “key project school of smart education” in Wuhou District, Zhongliang Xiangyun Branch of Chengdu Longjiang Road Primary School actively explores smart education projects, promotes classroom teaching and learning reform, and strives to create smart classrooms with strict standards, high quality, and high efficiency under the guidance of the Wuhou “National Smart Education Demonstration Zone”. The school focuses on student-centered learning and improving core literacy, while combining the concept of the new national curriculum standards and the requirements of digital education transformation to develop a new smart classroom teaching model that advocates student autonomy, situational teaching, and cooperative learning. The school has also provided in-depth teacher training and promoted the construction of an AI teaching analysis system platform to support smart classroom teaching and research. The school is committed to continuously improving the evaluation mechanism of smart classroom teaching, ensuring the high-level implementation and high-quality development of classroom teaching, and ultimately achieving the all-round development of students and creating a new pattern of smart classrooms.


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Smart Classroom, Student Growth, Teaching Reform

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Huang, C. (2023). Smart Classroom Empowering Students’ Growth and Development: A Case Study of Zhongliang Xiangyun Branch of Chengdu Longjiang Road Primary School. Science Insights Education Frontiers, 15(S1), 14. https://doi.org/10.15354/sief.23.s1.ab014
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