Published Mar 31, 2020

Nan Zhao

Xinyi Zhou  

Bo Liu

Wei Liu


During the COVID-19 epidemic, how to use online education platforms to teach and ensure the effectiveness of home study for students is a topic of concern for many high schools. During the epidemic, Guiyang No.1 Middle School used the information management platform, based on the actual situation of the school, combined multiple resources, and rationally used the online education platform to guide and teach, which effectively guaranteed the implementation of “School’s Out, But Class’s On” i.e. suspending classes without stopping learning. Based on the practical exploration of Guiyang No.1 Middle School, we explored the strategies of using educational platforms to guide teaching during the epidemic.


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COVID-19 Epidemic, Online Teaching, Online Teaching Platform, Educational Big Data, High School

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Zhao, N., Zhou, X., Liu, B., & Liu, W. (2020). Guiding Teaching Strategies with the Education Platform during the COVID-19 Epidemic: Taking Guiyang No. 1 Middle School Teaching Practice as an Example. Science Insights Education Frontiers, 5(2), 531–539. https://doi.org/10.15354/sief.20.rp005