Published Aug 30, 2020

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AT the United Nations (UN) General Assembly held in September 2000, all 191 member states unanimously adopted an action plan aimed at reducing the global poverty level by half by 2015 (using the 1990 level as a reference). The action plan promised to reduce the proportions of the world’s population with a daily income of less than one US dollar and those who suffer from hunger by half by the end of 2015, and to reduce the proportion of people who cannot obtain or afford safe drinking water by the same date. It aimed to ensure that by the same date, children from all over the world, regardless of gender, can complete all elementary school courses, and that boys and girls have equal opportunities to receive all levels of education. The action plan also promised to spare no effort to help more than one billion men, women and children around the world get rid of the miserable and indignant state of extreme poverty, and eventually realize the right of individual development, so that all mankind can avoid the situation of lacking.


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