Published Aug 30, 2020

Haijun Lu

Longjun Zhou  


The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge impact on education worldwide. Many countries have therefore suspended classes for pandemic prevention. As the situation of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control in China has gradually improved, elementary and middle schools have started to resume classes. To guarantee the resumption of classes and pandemic prevention and control at the same time, and to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, schools carefully planned various tasks after school resumption. The creative work carried out in various places and time ensured that the school resumed in a timely, orderly, and scientific manner. This paper took some elementary and middle schools in China as examples, and introduced in detail the preparatory work before the class resumption and the pandemic prevention and teaching measures under the pandemic after the class resumption.


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COVID-19 Pandemic, General Situationalization, Class Resumption, Epidemic Prevention, Elementary and Middle Schools

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