Published Mar 31, 2020

Xiuxiang Liu  


In order to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on student learning, the Chinese government has launched a “School’s Out, But Class’s On” strategy. With the further control of the epidemic, schools in some provinces have begun to resume classes, but the epidemic prevention and control work should not be lax after the class is resumed. Guizhou is one of the provinces where the middle schools and senior high schools resumed classes earlier. The epidemic prevention and control is still very critical even the school was resumed. I herein used the Experimental High School in Wangmo County, Guizhou Province as an example to introduce the epidemic prevention and control strategies after the school resumes classes.


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COVID-19 Pneumonia, Epidemic Prevention and Control, Conventional Teaching, Middle School

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Liu, X. (2020). How to Carry Out Epidemic Prevention and Control After School Starts with the COVID-19 Epidemic Mitigated? A Case Study of Experimental High School in Wangmo County, Guizhou Province, China. Science Insights Education Frontiers, 5(2), 563–567. https://doi.org/10.15354/sief.20.rp010