Published Jan 22, 2021

Hong Chen  


Students’ first-hand experience in intelligent learning, such as discovery, conception, selection, induction, evaluation, etc., is the prerequisite for students to achieve intellectual development. Due to the differences in learners’ cognitive basis and learning styles, students’ learning processes are inevitably personalized and dynamic. Building a personal learning space and establish an intelligent learning context for students is the key to ensuring students go through the learning process smoothly. The personal learning space meets the requirements for dynamic learning paths, resourceful teaching supplies, intelligent learning management, and other intelligent conditions. This article analyzed the structure and function of personal learning space to explore’ intelligent learning further.


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Wisdom Education

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Chen, H. (2021). Establish the Individual Learning Space and Create the Wisdom Learning Environment. Science Insights Education Frontiers, 8(S1), 1. https://doi.org/10.15354/sief.21.s1.ab012
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