Published Jan 22, 2021

Xiaoyu Li  


The problem-based learning method (PBL) is a problem-centered method based on the student-oriented practical educational mode. Under the teachers’ guidance, PBL calls for the mode of “student-centered and problem-based,” in the form of group discussions, enabling students to independently collect information concentrated on a particular issue, discover and solve problems. As a result, it is essential to cultivate students’ independent learning ability and innovation abilities. This teaching model focuses on cultivating students’ thinking ability and problem-solving abilities. Therefore, it has gained popularity among the majority of education researchers. Its application in wisdom teaching practice is still insufficient, and the advantages of micro-course resources can solve some of these problems. Therefore, this research combines “micro-class” and “PBL” to explore the application method of micro-class resources in the PBL model to promote the generation of students’ wisdom.


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Wisdom Education

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