Published Aug 30, 2019

Xiaoqiao Cheng

Jianping Xia  


Jilin Li was a famous child educator and founder of Chinese situational education. She has taught for sixty years in the Second Affiliated Elementary School of Nantong Normal School in China, and has been studying situational education for 40 years. In the long-term teaching practice and theoretical research, Jilin Li systematically studied and practiced situational teaching, situational education, situational curriculum, and situational learning paradigm, and constructed a complete set of situational education theory and practical operation system. This commentary review will introduce Jilin Li’s contributions and major achievements, and comprehensively describes Jilin Li’s educational thoughts. We believe that Jilin Li is an original educational theorist who has emerged from educational practice. Her research has solved the worldwide problem of the unity of cognition and emotion, and has become a model for the organic integration of Chinese and Western cultures.


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