Published Oct 5, 2018

Xiaoqiao Cheng  


WITH continuing globalization, education in today’s world is changing every year. Whether it is a researcher who studies theory, or an instructor engaged in the practical work of education and teaching, educational professionals are constantly thinking about various problems in education, pursuing excellence and actively exploring at the forefront of theory and practice. In order to disseminate the results of educational theorists and practitioners in a timely manner, and to enable the world's educational community to keep abreast of the most cutting-edge theoretical research and practical exploration results, we edited and published the journal Science Insights Education Frontiers.
        Science Insights Education Frontiers is a global professional journal of education. It is aimed at educational professionals from all over the world, including researchers engaging in studies related to education, psychology, and physical education, teachers and principals working in primary and secondary schools, college students studying pedagogy, postgraduate and doctoral students doing research in various educational research organizations, as well as those enthusiastic about education reform and development.
        Our journal focuses on the realities of education in the world, pays attention to cutting-edge educational theory research and the latest achievements in educational reform and experimentation, tracks hot topics in educational practice around the world, and promotes advanced education and teaching experience to a diverse and global audience.
        Based on this, we will set the main sections as follows: frontiers of educational theory research, frontiers of educational practice, educational empirical and experimental research, school education and teaching reform cases, professional development, curricula and teaching, moral education, academic conference review, education Pen talks, cutting-edge newsletters, and so on.
        We hope that through our efforts, we not only aid the dissemination of educational theoretical research and practical exploration, but also provide a platform for educators to communicate. Through the process of discussing and sharing the frontier issues of education, we can jointly promote the reform and development of education and contribute our strength to the realization of a beautiful educational ideal.


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