Published Oct 31, 2021

Wei An  

Jie Wu


For a long time, rural revitalization has been a topic of concern. After it was put forward in the form of a policy in 2017, it has further received research feedback in many fields, and the education field is no exception. This article is based on the quantitative analysis of the reports in the CNKI database, with rural revitalization as the theme of educational research from 2000 to 2021. We summarized its development trends and research priorities. We found that after 2017, there has been a surge in education research related to rural revitalization, focusing on three aspects: vocational education, teacher plight, and education construction. At present, the rural revitalization strategy is still in its infancy. Grasping the research focus in time and referring to international experience can provide a more comprehensive theoretical basis for the realization of rural revitalization, promote the flexible change of research focus, and facilitate the effective implementation of policies.


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Rural Revitalization, Rural Education, Vocational Education, Teacher Team Building, Policy Building

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