Published Sep 13, 2021

Jinju Guo  


Mathematical reading is one of the methods to gain information actively, absorb knowledge, develop mathematical thinking, and learn the Mathematical language. It is also an essential method to shape good Mathematical reading habits and master learning skills. Reading is a necessity for mathematics literacy, as well as the most demanding for migrant workers’ families. Shaping a good reading habit must cultivate from Grade One. During the teaching process, teachers need to fully take advantage of the textbook’s reading value and attach importance to the reading teaching of textbooks. Meanwhile, they have to enrich the system of Mathematical language. In this way, students can read orderly, thoughtfully, and actively. Centered on reading ability, teachers can cultivate students’ ability to gain mathematical knowledge independently. Moreover, students can have the capability of lifelong learning.


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Mathematical Reading, Textbook, Grade One

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Guo, J. (2021). The Analysis of the Status Quo and Promotion Strategies of Mathematical Reading of Lower Grade Students. Science Insights Education Frontiers, 10(S1), 24. https://doi.org/10.15354/sief.21.s1.ab054
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