Published Jun 30, 2022

Xiaoqiao Cheng  


Numerous factors influence educational success. Students’ learning performance and overall development are greatly influenced by their school environment. The term “school climate” refers to how instructors and students perceive the general atmosphere of the school based on their long-term interactions with it. It is directly tied to staff and student morale as well as their satisfaction with the school. As per the study by Pan et al. (2001), the psychological climate of the classroom is crucial in fostering students’ intellectual and physical development as well as personality development. The level of students’ mental health increases with an improved school climate. According to Zhou et al. (2021), the school environment can considerably increase students’ motivation to learn and their level of self-awareness and self-control. High expectations for behavior and a well-organized classroom can give children a safe place to learn in which they can cultivate good study habits and self-control, which will have a long-term effect on their overall development.


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