Published Oct 29, 2022

Qiao Wu  


The purpose of this article is to investigate the efficacy of Sandplay Therapy (SPT) in reducing children’s kindergarten entrance anxiety in an effort to provide front-line preschool teachers with insights and strategies for addressing the emotional distress of children in their first days of nursery school. As a case study, the application of SPT to a 3-year-old boy who struggled with his transition into kindergarten was cited. The differences in his emotions and behaviors before and after six sessions of SPT were evaluated, revealing that the intervention through SPT significantly decreased his anxiety level while increasing his willingness to attend nursery school and that he finally developed a sound adaptation to the school, according to the comments of the observers. Findings showed that SPT could help kids feel less nervous about starting kindergarten and adjust better to new situations.


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Kindergarten Entrance Anxiety, Preschool Kid, Sandplay Therapy, Sand Tray

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