Manuscript Preparation

Structure and Preparation of the Manuscript

Science INSIGHTS® has a special format for manuscript preparation. Please refer to the following guidelines before submitting your manuscript to the Journal. Cover Letter: All manuscripts need to include a Cover Letter to speak their findings in one sentence and declare it is merely submitted to the Journal, and describe the conflict of interest, and all authors have approved for the submission. It also should include the information of the corresponding author(s). At last, the cover letter needs to be signed by the corresponding author(s). Science INSIGHTS® accepts the scanned signature.

Title Page: The Title Page should include all the general information about the manuscript as follows:

  • Title: With no more than 20 words, concisely reflects the core contents of the manuscript.
  • Authors: Different categories of the manuscript have different requirements for the number of authors, please refer to the above description. Science INSIGHTS® allows a maximum of 4 authors having an equal contribution to the work. Authors should be marked with “*, †, ‡, ¶, §, ||, ¦¦, **, ††, ‡‡, ¶¶, §§” in sequence. Corresponding author(s) should be labeled with “?”.
  • Author Affiliations: List all affiliations of the authors in sequence as they appear with the corresponding marks above.
  • Correspondence to: Provide contact information of the corresponding authors including email address, telephone number, and fax number. Science INSIGHTS® allows 4 corresponding authors from different institutes, but only 2 corresponding authors from the same institute.
  • Running Head: Please provide a short title with no more than 6 words.
  • Funding: If the work was supported by any kind of financial source, please provide detailed information on these providers with the reference IDs.
  • Conflict of Interests: A declaration on the conflict of interests is required on the title page. Besides, you need to sign the Conflict of Interests form and submitted it accompanying your submission.
  • Acknowledgments: Type your acknowledgments on the Title Page if you have. Do not follow it at the end of the discussion.
  • Author Contributions: Give a detailed description of each author’s contribution to the work.
  • Abbreviations: Please list all the abbreviations that appeared in the paper like “CNS: central nervous system” with only one each line.
  • KeywordsScience INSIGHTS® requires 3-8 keywords for each paper. Only the Hypothesis, Review, Reports, Short Communication, and Article are required to provide keywords.
  • Metadata: You need to provide the words count of the abstract or summary, body text; and the number of references, figures, color figures, and tables.

Abstract or Summary: Science INSIGHTS® has different requirements on the summary of different types of papers, so please refer to the above-mentioned publication categories for the type-specific information on this section.

Introduction: This is specifically for the Hypothesis, Review, Reports, Short Communication, and Article. All these types of papers are needed to start with an introduction with less than 1,000 words. In this section, generally an overall background of the work, and reasons why you did that work, and questions you tested should be presented. Please follow the special format for each type of paper.

Materials and Methods: For the Short Communication and Article, you need to provide repeatable methods you performed and available tools or materials you used in your work. No limitation on the words count in this part, but you still need to consider the total limit of the words for the Short Communication (less than 5,000).

Results: This is also the specific feature for Short Communication and Article. Keep in mind do not repeat your results with a description that will be depicted in the figures or tables. Describe your data concisely with a readable manner.

Discussion: Especially for the Short Communication and Article too, please discuss your work on each point only if you think it is necessary. Discussion is not always the longer the better. Science INSIGHTS® requires the authors to present their work with readable format.

ReferencesScience INSIGHTS® has her special requirements on the references. Taking into consideration of the copyright and efforts the authors made, the Journal requires to list all the authors of the reference. The references should appear in sequence in Arabic numbers in parentheses like “(1)” in the text. Please format your references as the following examples:

  • Published journal article:

Samaan Z, Mbuagbaw L, Kosa D, Debono VB, Dillenburg R, Zhang S, Fruci V, Dennis B, Bawor M, Thabane L. A systematic scoping review of adherence to reporting guidelines in health care literature. J Multidiscip Healthc 2013; 6:169-88.

  • Journal online ahead of publication:

Stevenson JR, Villoria N, Byerlee D, Kelley T, Maredia M. Green Revolution research saved an estimated 18 to 27 million hectares from being brought into agricultural production. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2013; In press.

  • Web reference:

Shine on: photos of dazzling mineral specimens. Last accessible date: May 15, 2013. Available from:

  • Book chapter:

Daniel N. Miller and Raymond A. de Callafon. Identification of linear, discrete-time filters via realization. Linear Algebra - Theorems and Applications. Yasser H (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0669-2, InTech. 2012; pp1-26.

  • Meeting abstract:

Toro L, Singh H, Stefani E, Bopassa JC. NS1619-induced cardioprotection against ischemia-reperfusion injury is lost after kcnma1 gene ablation (Abstract). A154, ASA 2012 Annual Meeting, Washington DC.

Figure Legend: Please provide a detailed Figure Legend on each figure. It should include the introduction of a brief method from which you got your data and statistical P values. In each figure, the symbols should be used as follows in sequence as it is needed: *, †, ‡, ¶, §, ||, ¦¦, **, ††, ‡‡, ¶¶, §§. In addition, the abbreviations that appeared in the figure should be spelled out at the end of the legend.


All figures must be high enough in the definition. To maintain the high quality of the publication, Science INSIGHTS® will ask the authors for providing the data for redrawing the figures as the Journal’s uniform style. We encourage color figures in the papers. No additional payment is required for the color figures. Some specific graphics will be redrawn by our professional illustrators, and the drawn-works will be signed by the illustrators for copyright purposes.


Except for it is a special study category, statistical analyses should be reported if applicable. Which software you used with what versions, and what kinds of methods you consulted, and what a P-value you set. Our expert statisticians will review the statistical analyses before the paper is considered for publication.