• Topic: Mental Health of Adolescents
  • Proposed Issue: Volume 43, No. 1, July 2023
  • Range: Any topics related to mental health of adolescents
  • Submission: Mark the submission with “Mental Health of Adolescents” Thematic Issue at the top of the title page
  • Limitations: No
  • Guest Editor: Jerry Lewis, PhD, The Bonoi Academy of Science and Education

A mental condition affects one in seven 10 to 19-year-olds worldwide, which accounts for 13% of the disease burden in this age range. One of the main causes of illness and disability among adolescents is behavioral disorders, followed by anxiety disorders and depression. Among adolescents, suicide ranks as the fourth most common cause of death. Failure to address adolescent mental health issues can have long-term effects on an adult's physical and mental health as well as their ability to lead fulfilling lives. Science Insights intends to host a thematic issue focused on this topic. The thematic issue can center on any topics about adolescent mental health both theoretically and practically.

Science Insights Team