Published Feb 22, 2014

Frederick F. Wang  

Ayman T. Bridgewater

Michael P. Worden


Marijuana, a well-studied drug in scientific field, now has been being enabled to be a legal recreational substance by some U.S. states that evoked a wide discussion on its potential effects on our future life. A majority of people hold negative points on this drug; most of them are scientists, educators, physicians, and parents who have kids. However, another huge party who positively advocates the pot legalization is the people like businessmen, retailers, planters, and drug users. Along with the recent approval for banks allowed to open accounts for marijuana business, as well as the vigorous appeal for the drug’s legalization, can the science win over the battle? For the drug itself, we need objectively to evaluate its possible effects. Everything has two sides like a double-edged sword, if you take the yin, and the yang is also there, and then is vise versa. Maybe marijuana legalization for recreational use was an out and out wrong, and maybe it was a wise decision. Who knows? The only thing we can do today is let time tell us the answer.



Marijuana, Legalization, Recreation, Effects, Science

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Wang, F. F. ., Bridgewater, A. T. ., & Worden, M. P. . (2014). Marijuana Legalization: Still an Open Question?. Science Insights, 6(3), 123–127. https://doi.org/10.15354/si.14.ed001