Published Aug 8, 2014

Shiqin Xu  


In scientific age we are experiencing daily changes with unbelievable speed, yet we are also paying back for the sequence that science caused. It is may be a joke for our human being. When the first plastic bag was used in the supermarket decades ago, people appraised it as a record-broken invention. We must say yes that plastic products truly help us much in each field, but are the benefits of the plastic really overweigh the harmful effect on our daily life and health? The newly reported report said it was hard to give an in-depth evaluation of the long-term impact of plastic debris consumed by marine creatures on our ecosystems. It is only an example, but the real thing we today should consider is that what the potential effect of the science development on us, and on the whole biological system. If we need pay two dollars back to solve the problems arose from the one-dollar original cost, is it reasonable? The fact we now facing is exactly as this. Today’s scientific work potentiates us far more spending on the science-related acts.



Plastics, Lesson, Science, Cost

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This work is supported in part by the National Natural Scientific Foundation of China (81271242) to SX.

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Xu, S. (2014). From Science to Science: Lessons Learned from the Disappearing Plastic Gyres. Science Insights, 9(2), 237–238. https://doi.org/10.15354/si.14.ps016