Published Sep 22, 2020

Jian Liu

Liman Zhao  


Adequate sleep time, good psychosomatic development environment, and high-quality academic achievement are necessary conditions for educational success. Based on this, a study published in Journal of East China Normal University (Educational Sciences), relying on the data of the Quality and Health Check-up Program of China Basic Education Quality Monitoring Coordination Center, explored the ideal matching model between students’ high academic achievement and sleep time on the basis of students psychosomatic development and a good educational environment, and providing multi-level early-warning to schools that sacrifice students’ sleep time in exchange for good scores...


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Liu, J., & Zhao, L. (2020). How Long Should We Sleep? The Ideal Matching Pattern between Sleep Time and Academic Achievement of High-school Students. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 6(1), 789–790. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/252