Published Sep 22, 2020

Qinxue Liu  


What is the impact of technology interference on smartphone addiction among teenagers? Recently, a study published in Psychological Science selected 11-19 teenagers as the research object, through the science and technology interfere with the scale, the core self-evaluation scale, psychological demand, network meet the scale, and smartphone addiction scale as a research tool, using the method of cluster sampling from two middle schools in Hubei province, a questionnaire survey was conducted among 4856 students, eliminating invalid questionnaires and obtained 4372 valid questionnaires...


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Liu, Q. (2020). The Influence of Technology’s Interference on Adolescent Addiction to Smartphone: The Function of Core Self-Evaluations and Need Satisfaction Perceived Online. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 6(1), 794–795. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/255