Published Nov 30, 2022

Shujuan Song  


To investigate whether growth mindset training can weaken the effect of math-gender stereotype threat on girl students, this study undertook experimental intervention in a group of grade-11 girl students and found that: (i) Mindsets can moderate the effect of math-gender stereotype threat. Girls with a growth mindset are less likely to be affected by math-gender stereotype threat compared with those with a fixed mindset. (ii) Growth mindset training for girls with a fixed mindset can effectively reduce the effect of math-gender stereotype threat on their math performance.



Mindset, Growth Mindset Training, Math-gender Stereotype, Stereotype Threat

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Song, S. (2022). Growth Mindset Training and the Effect of Math-Gender Stereotype Threat on Girl Students. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 12(2), 1629–1634. https://doi.org/10.15354/bece.22.ab012