Published May 25, 2024

Huang Jing  


Immersive experience can affect the learner’s sense of presence, cognitive load, and emotions, which may facilitate or impede learning. Based on the existing literature on the application of immersive technology, this study conducted experimental research on the impact of immersion levels (immersive virtual reality or desk-top VR video) in fire safety education on learning outcomes, cognitive load, emotion valence and arousal, user presence, and learning motivation among college students. These variables were measured by relevant knowledge tests and scales.


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Jing, H. (2024). Does Enhanced Immersion Improve Learning Outcomes: The Impact of Immersive Experience on Learning Outcomes and Its Mechanism. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 17(1), 1855. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/1357