Published May 25, 2024

Yufang Bian  


In a family with both parents working full-time, the father and mother need to assume plural responsibilities at work and home. As a result, interparental coordination and proper division of responsibilities are of particular importance. This article aims to examine the relation between parity between paternal and maternal involvement and child subjective well-being, as well as the effect of gender on this relation, based on a longitudinal investigation of two consecutive years sampling grade-four students from 1145 Chinese families with both parents working full-time.


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Bian, Y. (2024). Parity between Paternal and Maternal Involvement and Child Subjective Well-Being: A Response Surface Analysis Based on Polynomial Regression. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 17(1), 1856–1857. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/1358