Published May 25, 2024

Xinzhuo Zhu  


The evaluation of education quality is an essential component of the educational system, guiding the development of education and instruction. In recent years, the Chinese government has released a series of policy papers in an effort to develop a more scientific educational evaluation system. 2020’s “The Overall Plan for Intensifying the New Era’s Education Evaluation Reform” emphasizes the importance of modifying the evaluation of education outcomes, strengthening the evaluation of education process, exploring value-added evaluation, and optimizing comprehensive evaluation. The evaluation of education outcomes aims to measure the students’ fulfillment of educational objectives, whereas the evaluation of education process is more focused on the quality of educational and instructional processes. This article seeks to investigate learning engagement of primary school students using the self-developed “primary student learning engagement questionnaire” and create the model of the relation between learning engagement and academic achievements in primary school students to explore the effects of the quality of education process on the quality of education outcomes in primary education.


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Zhu, X. (2024). How the Quality of Education Process Affects the Quality of Education Outcomes: The Effects of Learning Engagement on Academic Achievements in Primary School Students. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 17(1), 1858–1859. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/1359