Published Jul 31, 2021

Jijun Yao  


In the information society, more and more students are reading through electronic devices. However, there is no consistent conclusion about the influence of the change of reading style on the reading effect. In addition, the current discussions on the merits of “screen reading” and “book reading” are mostly based on experience rather than scientific evidence. A small amount of empirical research still has a large room for improvement in the authoritativeness and representativeness of data and the robustness of conclusions. In this case, the research published in Open Education Research analyzed the influence of the different ways of reading on the reading literacy of students. The researchers selected variables related to the reading in the PISA2018 database, using the least-square regression method to establish the baseline.


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Yao, J. (2021). Effects of E-reading on Reading Literacy. Best Evidence in Chinese Education, 8(2), 1154. Retrieved from https://bonoi.org/index.php/bece/article/view/518