Published Oct 31, 2021

Ming Gao  


Chinese traditional art education plays a unique role in transmitting traditional culture and in developing social civilization but is limited by the monotony of the teaching model structure, its inflexibility in learning time and space, constraints in the teaching scale, and lack of immersive experience. This article discusses the application of extended reality (XR) technology to the seven links of Chinese traditional art education, namely introduction, evaluation, analysis, practice, adjustment, appraisal and research, initiating a new human-machine interactive virtual reality teaching model, known as the XR-TECAN teaching model for Chinese traditional art education. This new teaching model covers basic technology, the equipment environment, content resources, application implementation and the digital cloud. Compared with the old apprenticeship model in traditional art education, the XR-TECAN teaching model is a breakthrough that allows learners to freely switch between virtual reality and the real world in a deeply immersive experience that improves education efficacy.


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Extended Reality (XR), China, Traditional Art Education, XR-TECAN Model, Teaching Model

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