Published Sep 13, 2021

Changfei Bao  


The event of little guide in historic town” is a comprehensive practical volunteer activity conducted in the AAAAA tourists’ attractions-Qiantong Historic Town, where students voluntarily explain the details of the town during their development curriculums or vocations, and the entire process follows the “little teacher” theory of Xingzhi Tao. The development of the activity provides students with more opportunities for comprehensive practice. To be specific, students can apply the knowledge when explaining the details, exploring the knowledge in the progress of practice, and training and enhancing the comprehensive quality through manners, writing, communication, and cooperation. In this way, it is appropriated to fully improve the comprehensive quality via the process from hometown to the society.


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Tourism, Little Guide, Curriculum Construction

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Bao, C. (2021). Combine the Culture and Tourism, Education and Society Coexist: The Development and Implementation of the “Little Guide in Historic Town” Courses. Science Insights Education Frontiers, 10(S1), 4. https://doi.org/10.15354/sief.21.s1.ab034
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